travel trailer hook up

Need to Hook Up a Travel Trailer? If you find that you need to hook up a trailer to a car or truck, then trailer safety is a primary concern. Most trucks and SUVs are already outfitted with towing packages that allow a driver to attach any trailer using the ball hitch. Always check that the vehicle has the right ball hitch for the trailer before starting this process. At West Tow of Menifee, trailer safety is a primary concern. Therefore it’s important to follow these steps when you need to hook up a trailer safely every time.

Steps to Hookup a Trailer

  1. The first step is to enlist the help of a friend or family member to help guide you as you back the car to the trailer. If you don’t have someone to help with this process, you will have to get out of the car frequently to get your car in the right position.
  2. Before backing up the vehicle, raise the level on the trailer hitch using the hand crank. It should be a few inches taller than the ball hitch on the back bumper.
  3. Backup your vehicle so that the ball hitch is below the trailer hitch. If you’re towing a trailer that’s heavy and can’t be positioned manually, you’ll especially need to make sure you get the vehicle in the correct position.
  4. Double-check that the trailer hitch is unlocked. This means that the handle will be at a right angle in comparison to the trailer neck.
  5. Use the hand crank of the trailer again. Lower the trailer hitch until it securely fits over the ball hitch.
  6.  After the trailer is attached, lift the trailer wheel using the hand crank. The wheel should be secured and parallel to the trailer neck.
  7. The handle should be positioned in a parallel position to the neck and then put in its locked position. Use the pin and place it inside the handle as directed. This will keep the trailer attached to the hitch on the car.
  8. The trailer will likely have two chains that both have hooks on the ends. The chains are designed to serve as a precaution. If the trailer became detached at any time, these chains prevent the vehicle from being separated from the trailer. For a more secure attachment, cross the chains and then attach them to the trailer hitch. The chains should be twisted to shorten the length and ensure that they do not drag. Insert hooks at the bottom to keep them attached while towing.
  9. Connect the electric plug in the trailer to the electrical system in the vehicle. Before driving on the road, check to see that the lights, brake lights, and the turn signals all work correctly. This is a safety concern and also illegal to drive.
  10. Check that the trailer has a proper license tag before driving. Most states require that trailers have their own license plate.
    Finally, it’s a good idea to practice driving the trailer on a back road or even a parking lot before setting out. This will allow you to become familiar with stopping, starting, and turning while towing a trailer. These steps will also help to hook up a trailer safely.

Safety while traveling in Southern California is a primary concern for our customers here at West Tow Inc.  Please make sure to take extra precautions to ensure you have an amazing vacation season!