winter driving safety

West Tow of Menifee Winter Driving Saftey

Hello to all our friends and clients, greetings from West Tow of Menifee! We would like to share some winter driving tips with you. It is the holiday season and it is important to be aware of winter roadside conditions from now through New Year’s Day. It is a busy time on the roads, more so than any time throughout the year it can be the most dangerous. Changing conditions on the roads increase the number of vehicles on the road and accidents.  Holiday driving and travel, calls for the planning of trips, both local and far away. It’s that time of year, when the weather has turned considerably colder and we are driving on roads that are potentially wet, foggy, iced or even covered in snow. Being the holiday season, it is a more challenging time of year for all of us drivers, so many additional things to do and to think about. There are several simple steps you can take, to make sure that you, your vehicle and any passengers traveling with you, have the safest and most pleasant experience possible. 

Did you know that here at West Tow, we are affiliates of two of the most well-known companies across the country, that specialize in roadside safety, AAA of Southern California and Geico Insurance? We value both your loyalty to us and the trust of our affiliates, and we would like to share some tips and opinions on your best road safety practices.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility, to not only make sure your vehicle is roadworthy but that you focus on your driving skills.

Do not assume other drivers know how they are affecting you. There are some really reckless drivers out there and the very best thing you can do is not jeopardize your safety or that of your passengers. Be a considerate driver, even when others seem incapable of doing so!  West Tow of Menifee, AAA of Southern California and Geico Insurance want you to have safe and happy holidays with your family and friends. 

Winter Safety Tips:

  • Map Your Route:  

    Satellite maps on devices, make it easy to navigate through unfamiliar routes and destinations - always enter the information before driving. If traveling through unfamiliar territory, planning ahead can make all the difference to arriving safely and without too many unexpected detours, review the route ahead of time and write down any emergency phone numbers – we all know devices lose power sometimes. 

  • Check Driving Conditions:

    Weather and extreme temperature changes are not unusual when traveling across states. Even here in California, traveling to the coast, inland or to the high country, can mean some radical changes in weather. If traveling out of state be sure to research what safety resources are available along your route? Gas stations, food stops and rest stops if possible take a printed map with you. Are snow chains required? 

  • Car Safety:

    Are all 4 tires inflated at equal, factory recommended levels? Is the tread deep enough for safe road control? Enough fuel for the distance with some to spare for traffic jams and any unexpected detours? Are windows and road lights, free from dirt and grease so you see and can be seen? Are your lights all working and windshield wiper blades in good condition? Do you have a good spare tire onboard?

  • Emergency Supplies:

    Keep snacks, water, warm clothing, blankets and emergency supplies in your vehicle. Your car can be the best shelter in bad weather; not only can it help keep you warm and dry, but it will also help emergency personnel locate you more quickly. Do you have working flashlight and weather gear, in the event you have to get out of the vehicle to seek safer shelter? Always share your travel plans with someone.

Best Driving Practices

Stay alert. Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. Only pass other vehicles when safe and let others pass if going faster than you. Do not use cruise control in bad weather conditions or traffic. Apply your brakes gently and steadily when slowing or coming to a stop in wet conditions, gives you better traction with the roads. Stay calm and relaxed!