Steering and suspension safety

Here at West Tow of Menifee, we have an invested and committed interest to bring the road using community, our experience of both the benefits and pitfalls of driving on our shared roads, that hopefully will be not only one of community service but also assistance to you who are reading this, in the ways to prevent, in as much as possible, the ways that you can ensure your vehicle is not going to fail, causing you to need the services of a tow truck company, where humanly possible. Of course, should you need West Tows services, along with our partners, AAA of Southern California and GEICO, we are here for you.

In this issue of our blog, we at West Tow of Menifee, would like to address what types of issues that can be suspension and/or steering related and are usually signaled by symptoms that you may recognize, or able to recognize should you be in the unfortunate situation of a possible vehicle breakdown or mechanical failure. Sometimes it can be a simple issue, but even the most well-maintained vehicle experience wear and tear over time, either caused by age or constant use. We cannot do much about extreme road conditions, but we can and should pay attention to how our vehicle behaves, especially when we are out driving. Are there noticeable squeaks and groans when going over parking lot speed bumps, or making turns and are road noises becoming much more noticeable than usual, even when the road is in good condition?

Although none of us want to face major repairs, some issues with your vehicle can get more expensive the longer they are ignored. Whether your vehicle is exhibiting new issues and signs that something is wrong and a safety concern, or it has been an issue ongoing for some time and just getting worse. Anyone who has experienced a steering, or suspension failure related issue, while driving, knows this can be a very scary situation! So in addition to getting your regular oil change service and engine checks, maybe it’s time to consider investing in getting your whole car inspected, to include the suspension and steering by an auto repair service, employing mechanic professionals. The obvious things we can do are having our vehicles fluids checked and changed where necessary, not just engine oil – there are lubrication points on most vehicles that a service technician can check. Make sure tires are inflated correctly or are the tires worn and need replacement – you may not only need to replace the tires, you probably need an alignment, but some tire outlets will also include this service, it’s worth shopping around.

  • Here are some things you may have noticed, that indicate it is definitely time to get to a mechanic:
    Have you noticed, your car steering is less responsive, or you use more effort to turn into corners, or does the steering feel more sluggish when you are driving at pretty low
  • When traveling over speed bumps, cornering or attempting a U-turn is your vehicle groaning or loudly squealing.
  • Have you noticed, while your car is parked on a level surface, that it seems to be lower on one corner or other?
  • While traveling the roads, is the road noise louder than usual, even if the road surface appears to be in good repair, or is your vehicle steering causing you to make constant adjustments, in an effort to stay in your lane?
  • When braking, is your car dipping forward and not coming to a smooth stop, or when accelerating from a stop, does it feel like it is sitting back on its heels (back wheels)?

The bottom line is, any of these issues indicate that something could be seriously wrong with your vehicle. At West Tow, we can help get you to a repair facility, or take your vehicle to the destination of your choice after you have broken down, but we also like to help our customers and readers with some practical advice, that we think may help you prevent needing our services and our partners, AAA of Southern California and Geico Insurance Services fully support you and your vehicles health and safe traveling on the roads we all have to use. Whether just traveling a regular commute and getting from point A to point B, or going on a road trip to visit family, friends are just sightseeing, we want it to be a safety first and as pleasant an experience as possible.