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West Tow of Menifee, Serving Temecula and all South Riverside County during this Corona Virus – (Covid-19) Pandemic.


West Tow of Menifee and Temecula and all of  South Riverside County want you to know that out partners at AAA of California, CCTTA California Tow Truck Association and GEICO insurance services, are still open for business to serve you, we have made temporary changes to our services, in co-operation with state and health guidelines. In addition to practicing safe distancing and use of face masks, we have suspended transporting of passengers in our vehicles - We will not leave you at roadside and will wait with you, until your alternative rides pick you up. Your safety and that of our employees is our number one concern and we appreciate your understanding. On Friday, April 10th 2020, the wearing of a face mask when leaving our homes will become mandatory. We offer some ideas on that, in the information listed below.

We would like to share with you some tips on existing guidelines and our thoughts on how we can avoid feelings of frustration and find a sense of shared purpose.   At, West Tow we believe the best course of action is through community co-operation, by following state guidelines and using commonsense. We can help by get by this, by limiting unnecessary exposure to this novel corona virus, (COVID-19).  For official information, updated by California State Governor Gavin Newsome and his national health advisors, the CDC, (Center for Disease Control) ,Click Here.


Stay at home – the exceptions so far are; shopping for food, caring for a relative or friend, necessary medical services or jobs considered as essential to maintaining infrastructure, i.e., health care workers, sanitation, food outlets and personnel, supply shippers, home safety issues like plumbers and electricians.  The list is quite long and and you will find them on the covid19 link provided below. Even with these exceptions, be mindful, use good common sense, for both your own and others safety.  Make it your #1 practice, to stay positive for those you come into contact with, nothing relieves stress more, than a kind word or smile given and received. And if you find yourself becoming frustrated with others, go into another area, take deep breaths and exhale fully while counting slowly to 10, it does help. 


Avoid - people outside of the household for socializing, except for the exceptions as stated above and where possible keep a 6 foot distance from others. Exercise once a day, taking a walk or sitting outside, is not only good for your body, but also very good for maintaining mental well being. But again, this doesn’t mean attending any crowded environments, like parties and group activities.  One safe way you can socialize and one we endorse, whole heartedly, use your phones to stay in touch with family, friends and neighbors. A great way to help your loved ones not feel so isolated the use of video chat applications. Use your phone cameras to send picture messages via text – a picture of flowers, ourselves or a smiling baby photo can absolutely lift our spirits!


Personal hygiene – cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue, or in the crook of your elbow for sudden ones, use hand sanitizer or wash hands for 20 seconds before and after doing anything that involves use of shared surfaces, food handling, cutlery, pans and dishware, etc… clean and disinfect surfaces such as door knobs, countertops, phones, remote controls, (studies have shown the latter two are especially germ prone.  For surface cleaning, you can even use things like window cleaner for quick easy cleaning of counter tops, delicate surfaces or electronic surfaces. Be careful though, computer screens and t.v. screens should not be cleaned with any types of chemicals. Just be sure to again wash your hands before touching these types of surfaces.


Share ideas with others, either through phones, social media and even through writing, (the postal service is still delivering), the ways we help ourselves and others in our community, through new or existing social circles.  Make donations for good community causes, such as financial or in goods and help those in need or less fortunate than ourselves. Those with little or no resources and social circles from the elderly to the young and even the homeless. It is not just the addicted in our communities who are resorting to drug and alcohol use, if you know someone who is a recovering addict, reach out to them and ask them how they are doing and offer emotional support.  There are so many things we can do to help. 



As the use of face-masks, they are becoming mandatory and there are shortages of them.  This is a relatively simple project you can do at home – no sewing required!  Click Here for a craft video, This can also be a fun family project for the kids and in elderly homes! Please stay safe, be mindful and remember that we are all in this stressful time together and have opportunities to try out things we didn’t have time for before - to tackle all of those pet projects, start a hobby, read a good book or reach out to the community to donate our time.