Emergency roadside services provided by West Tow

Emergency services provided by West Tow Inc

West Tow Services

Professional, Experienced And Personable Technicians

West Tow will provide you with a competent and knowledgeable service technician, who arrives in a timely manner, provide support assistance, and assessment of your situation. And we will take care of or recommend the best course of action, for both you and your vehicle.

Our Specialized Service Vehicles

West Tow will dispatch directly to the location of your vehicle, one of our excellently maintained, fleet vehicles. Our very visible tow trucks will be a beacon to other motorists that a disabled vehicle is present, offer an extra layer of security and protection for hazardous road conditions and safely transport you and your vehicle to a better location per your request, or we will offer our recommendations.

Roadside Flat Tire Changes

West Tow technicians understand and are trained to handle tire changes and see any other potentially hazardous situations that could be present when a vehicle has a flat tire, at any location. They will change out the damaged tire with your spare tire, or if there is an issue and it determined that the repair cannot be performed, transport you and your vehicle to a repair facility.

roadside assistanceBasic Diagnostics and Recommendations

West Tow has a lot of experience with mechanically disabled vehicles and the extreme situations motorists can find themselves in. As a stop-gap measure, if the vehicle only requires a small adjustment, to get it operating and on the road again our technician will advise you and ask permission to do the minor emergency mechanical adjustments. Just until you can get the vehicle looked at in a more secure and safe location, where more permanent and complete repairs can be performed.
Flat Battery Jump Starts

West Tow is happy to come to you with expert help, to both avoid additional vehicle damage and to help protect you from unnecessary injury when doing it yourself. If there is not a more serious mechanical issue, they will temporarily charge/boost your battery, so you can be on your way, along with a recommended course of action.

24/7 emergency roadside assistance

Vehicle Tows and Transport Services

West Tow will ask you some basic questions when you book your service. Your location, so we know what area to send help to and so that your physical safety is addressed, We will ask if there were any issues you noticed, when your vehicle first started to breakdown, or become disabled. And your vehicle information, so we will know the type of vehicle we will be looking for and be assisting you with. For Your Convenience, We Have Phones, Email, Fax and

Text Chat Services

West Tow recommends for in-person help calling us at 951.445.7172. Also for your convenience, we have instant chat, just press the blue radio icon on any of our web pages. We also have an email form titled
Emergency Roadside Assistance that provides to us, detailed information to address all your servicing needs. Whatever method you choose, West Tow will respond quickly to you. We are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Whatever your situation or need is, West Tow, Inc., will be there for you.

TIP: In an emergency situation like an accident, in a collision with an object, or with another or multiple vehicles, calling 911 is your first option. That way emergency responders can be notified and dispatched if necessary, then call us here at West Tow. An officer at the scene may determine that the situation your vehicle is involved in, or due to the place of the accident requires that they order a tow truck for you. If that happens to you, contact your emergency roadside assistance agents, and just let them know.
They will often just reimburse the tow truck company, they will best advise you.

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