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Staying Secure in 2020

Planning for the year ahead in 2020 California, with West Tow of Menifee and our partners AAA and  Geico Insurance Companies. The 2020 year, has been likened to the year of perfect vision. While many of us, not all, have a hard time keeping those New Year’s resolutions, there have got to be ways to make the year go more smoothly and reduce what seems like ever-increasing stress, we have some ideas on that and want to share one of them here.

Your smartphone is an unbelievable tool, whether an “Android” or “I phone”, it can do so much more than just music, games, videos, and social interactions, what you have is a powerful computer.  It can keep important dates on a notification schedule tailored to your interests and needs, scan or photograph receipts, coupons and other important paperwork for instant retrievals when out and about, or as needed.  To help make your 2020 vision for the year ahead, why take a little time and explore the ways your phone is able to help with this?  This powerful mobile tool can be set for automatic calendar reminders and electronic file keeping – doesn’t sound very helpful? Here are the ways why we think it is worth looking in to;

  • Paper receipts get lost or ink fades, making it almost impossible to show proof of purchase for returned goods for cash refunds, warranty period dates for auto services and repairs, and you miss the ending warranty date?
  • You cannot maximize tax funds for return filings as you can’t find gas receipts, medical prescriptions, and other important paperwork?
  • Do you have a way to be reminded of important dates on auto services, upcoming events, appointments, annual renewal billing dates like your AAA and Geico insurance memberships or any important dates that are not just reoccurring daily, weekly and monthly?
  • Have you missed out on reservations to hotels and popular campgrounds, upcoming entertainment events such as concerts and shows you may have missed last year and scheduled reminders for advanced notice for time off/ vacation days?
  • When purchasing a phone be sure to ask the salespeople about these applications? Have they explained what each of those preloaded Apps functions? Are the Apps necessary?



WARNING:  If you are going to keep sensitive information on your phone, West Tow recommends, do NOT do these on an unsecured phone - be sure to set up phone to security access mode only, so others cannot easily access your information such as requiring a code lock numbers or pattern grid, facial recognition or fingerprint screen locks.  There are many downloads available for record-keeping on your smartphones. Start with the service provider or the technical desk where you purchased the phone, or if this was a missed opportunity, there are credible sites that will have reviews on the internet.


2020 Changes to California motorist regulations and services

October 1st 2020 is the cutoff date to change your current California driver’s licenses over to a Real ID one.  This new version of the California driver’s license is also a national requirement and mandatory one. A requirement for not only entering government/federal buildings and military bases,  the Real ID will also be required in order to take domestic flights within the U.S. and traveling state to state.

Here is the link to go to for information on the process and paperwork you will need:  https://realid.dmv.ca.gov/

License points added for distracted driving (AB47):  California’s existing law fining anyone holding a handheld wireless device while driving a motor vehicle, is getting an update from a monetary fine to a more serious consequence. Beginning July 1st, 2021 (AB 47) will include not only fines but adding a point to your driver’s license within 36 months of a prior conviction for the same offense.

Traffic control devices regarding bicycles (AB 1266): allows for bicycles to travel straight through a right or left-hand turn, when at an intersection, when the traffic signal indicates that movement is permitted. This means to pay special attention, to bicyclists coming from the opposite direction, as they may not be turning but coming straight on, towards you.

There are other updates and new laws that may be applicable to your road use, please visit the California CHP site directly for more info:  https://www.chp.ca.gov/PressReleases/Pages/CHP-ENCOURAGES-CALIFORNIA-MOTORISTS-TO-PREPARE-.aspx