West Tow of Menifee and our affiliated partners, AAA and Geico Insurance, would like to speak with you about an important charity event, one that supports men’s health issues and begins every November – known as "No-Shave November" or "Movember."

For those who haven’t heard of this traditional annual event, it was a movement started in Australia, back in the early 2000s, now celebrated worldwide to raise awareness, support, and donations for some major health issues that are affecting men, one in particular, prostate cancer. Severe illnesses like these can lead to other illnesses such as depression which in turn can lead to mental illnesses. And both of which can lead to life-changing disabilities, premature deaths and suicides.  Cancer and mental illness issues are not isolated to men of course, but this is the month not only dedicated specifically to prostate cancer but also to promote awareness of how important a good outlook and healthy lifestyle are important to mental health too.


How can you participate?

The idea is for men and women to forgo purchasing shaving products in the month of November and instead donating the money that would otherwise be spent to many good charities that will see the funds are donated to research to prevent these illnesses and support groups for people who are currently suffering from these that need financial assistance, as we all know, if cancer or some type of mental disability occurs, families, friends, and co-workers can all be deeply impacted – so let’s do the right thing and get involved. Even if you are not in a position to donate financially, you can help us greatly by spreading the word.


Get Involved In "Movember"

Here are some suggested websites for more detailed and in-depth information about the cause and additional tips on how you can help:,org    


For our friends participating in No Shave November, West Tow of Menifee, along with our affiliated partners, AAA and Geico, want you to know we fully support your efforts and are proud supporters ourselves. So, as a side note, if our tow services technicians are looking a little rough shaven this month or are sporting moustaches,  you will know why and it’s all in a good cause!  And as a side benefit to you our friends, when the boss or significant partner says, “When was the last time you shaved?” you can reply with a legitimate excuse, that’s it for a No Shave November or Movember and how often do we get an opportunity like that?


Holiday Travel - Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, November 28th, 2019. For many of us, this means, parades, feasting, time spent with friends and family, giving thanks for the blessings we have, being kind and sharing with other people that may be less fortunate. Many people like to volunteer at food banks and other charities to help with seeing that everyone gets some comfort from the season. Each year this Thanksgiving holiday falls on the last Thursday of every November.  With good feelings, it can also be a time of increased tensions and distractions such as, planning road trips, holiday shopping. This can result in finances being stretched, along with tempers. Here are some tips for your trips to help ease your stress!

Check your vehicle is in optimal condition for the roads. Are tires inflated to correct inflation levels? Are the engine fluids such as water and oils at safe levels? Are vehicle lights operating correctly? (One of the main reasons CHP will pull cars over is due to malfunctioned or broken lights). Are your windshield wipers flexible and not brittle for the seasonal rains that we usually get during winter months? Is your vehicle making any unusual noises?


Plan your route

How long is the trip, departure time vs arrival time?  Some things to consider;

  • Is there going to be a lot of normal work-day traffic in addition to the increased holiday traffic?  {This is especially important if you are going to any airport where you are required to check-in ahead of time and pass security check-points.)
  • Is there any major road construction along your route?  Some smartphone travel apps will actually offer to divert you when there is major congestion from road work or accidents. Sometimes, being diverted around traffic, (while it might make the trip longer, is actually less stressful to your engine and actually uses less fuel.

And last but not least, while we at West Tow of Menifee and our affiliated partners, AAA and GEICO Insurance will be there for you, should you find yourself in need of a tow, we advise you to do these things; take your time, smile at your neighbors, take deep breaths, award yourselves with safe and happy holiday travel!