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West Tow INC. of Menifee CA, Wants to Remind You That, April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

West Tow of Menifee and Riverside County, wants to bring this important message about distracted driving to your attention. We want you to join us, along with our partners; AAA and GEICO by spreading the word, about this very important road safety campaign. It is also endorsed by The National Safety Council, California Highway Patrol, and many supporters, including, first responders and popular media companies from across the country.

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Distracted Driving in America

Every minute of every day, somewhere in America there is a fatality or serious injury due to car related incidents, and 40% of that estimated is directly linked to Distracted Driving issues.   The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration released estimated figures, for deaths from car crashes during Jan – June 2018 at 3600 fatalities, just 6 months, or half a year. Also in California, pedestrian deaths were recorded at 432 fatalities, the second highest nationally, behind the worst New Mexico. What do these figures have in common? Many of them are reported as drivers using their mobile phones while driving. If you are looking down at your phone, or somewhere else you are not looking at the road ahead. We can make a difference, by choosing to be personally responsible for our driving habits.  It might make the roads feel safer, and it will definitely save lives.

Cell Phone Addiction- The Leading Cause to Preventable Road Accidents

A new term was used recently and highlighted in three words, Driving, While Intoxicated: As a catchy term, it should also be,  a wake-up call, to just how addicted we have become to our mobile phones. With that said, Distracted Driving is linked to one of the main causes of preventable road accidents today. It is reported the number #1 cause of road accidents and roadside fatalities, in California and nationwide. It has surpassed that of road accidents caused by D.U.I.s, (drunk driving, or driving under the influence). There are other types of distracted driving, but handheld mobile phones or smartphone used for texting, or calls, takes your attention from the road, risking both your life and the lives of others. These actions are illegal in California and if CHP sees you doing this, you can expect to be pulled over and ticketed. In the case of DUI’s, lose your vehicle, lose your freedom, lose your life, may sound more serious, but driving while distracted can also cause all of these things.

Riverside County Residence- Please Focus When Behind The Wheel

Living in the Inland Empire, the traffic is heavy and most people are distracted, not only by devices but also from noise in the vehicle, traffic, makeup applications, food, music and so much more. West Tow INC of Menifee want you to be safe to help spare our lives, the lives of our law enforcement partners and maybe even your own, PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Our smartphones are valuable tools and which many of us can agree to enable us to stay connected in our busy lives. But when you are driving, there is only one job you have, and that is managing that vehicle you drive and paying attention to the road. NOT being mindful, can turn a normal day into a nightmare. We all need to ask ourselves, can’t that text wait until I get where I’m going, or at a minimum, park somewhere safe and out of traffic?  It might be argued, that it only takes a few seconds to see a text and that may be true, but do you also know that it only takes 5 seconds, while driving at 55 MPH, to travel 360 feet, the length of a football field?

*For Police officers, public safety personnel and emergency responders, there are exceptions to the hand held device rules, and can be found at the end of this blog.

“It Was Just” Meme- Distracted Driving Southern California

The National Safety put out a meme, It Was Just….. Covering, just about every form of distracted driving for Southern California Drivers.  We have one last final thought for April 2019 and road safety and Driving Distracted Awareness:

Distracted Driving

One last thought: there might be one thing we can provide, that could help as a reminder. In the ’70s, there was a rock band, called The Doors – And a song called Roadhouse Blues.  The lyrics begin like this, “Get your eyes on the road your hands upon the wheel, keep, your eyes on the road keep your hands upon the wheel….. Great tune by the way! Thanks for reading and drive safe! To learn more about West Tow and our driving tips visit our Blog, If you have questions or need Roadside assistance Call us at
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