dangerous, roadside emergency conditions

Roadside Emergency Conditions  “Move Over Law of 2007”

First responders face dangerous, roadside emergency conditions when they stop to help others. California enacted the “Move Over Law”, in 2007. Tow trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles are equipped with flashing lights. These lights tell you the driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist on the street, that it’s time to be alert about the emergency ahead. It also alerts the drivers to the possibility of dangerous road conditions to come. Not paying attention in your vehicle, can get you killed, cause serious injury to others, and even get you a ticket. (Caltrans road work vehicles, are covered under this law).

The California law according to AAA:

“State law requires drivers to slow down and vacate the lane closest to a stationary emergency response vehicle flashing emergency lights if safe to do so. This includes Tow Trucks and Caltrans vehicles if displaying flashing amber warning lights.”

Broken Down Vehicles

If you are a person that has a broken down vehicle on the side of the road you can understand how unnerving it is.  These situations only adding to the already tense situation you’re experiencing with a vehicle possibly not operating or needing roadside repairs.  Sometimes, this additionally tense situation can add to your overall stress causing you to make decisions that are made in fear instead of logic causing unnecessary accident and issues.

West Tow Inc. Situations:

First responders and road work personnel face these situations on a daily basis. For us, at West Tow Inc. of Menifee, this is an everyday work situation for our emergency technicians. This is why we want to share our thoughts with you and tips to avoid an accident.

  • When we arrive on the scene, we angle our rescue vehicles, so that they protect you and your vehicle that is damaged. Even while on the scene, with (you) the driver and your passengers, the dangers from other drivers not paying attention can add a dangerous possibility of catastrophe.
  • Statistics are generally not shared between states, in telling us exactly how many first responders are injured or killed in highway deaths annually. The overall census nationwide is staggering


Dangerous Roadside Safety Tips For California Drivers

At West Tow Inc. of  Menifee, we take your safety and ours very seriously. It is our job to keep you safe as well as our technicians.  Our emergency operators are well trained, but we need you, the general public to be aware and to provide the following suggestions for safety when in a dangerous situation.

  • Be aware of your speed and surroundings. Turn off the radio, pay attention.
  • If the road conditions are wet, and/or foggy, avoid making sudden maneuvers.
  • If safe,  move over into the next lane, away from the stopped vehicles.
  • Are there vehicles behind you? Is slowing down or stopping hazardous?
  • Flash your brake lights, tap gently on your brakes to alert other drivers, that there’s an issue.
  • Slow down gradually; if at all possible, keep eyes on what is up ahead and your surroundings.
  • Do not blindly or thoughtlessly go around slowing traffic.
  • Other drivers are not ” mind readers”, use your signals to show your intentions, so other vehicles can react accordingly.