breakdown in Southern California

Tips on how Drivers can Avoid an Unexpected Car Breakdown in Southern California.

A vehical breakdown in Southern California happens frequently. Picture yourself in your car, happily driving home from work, listening to the latest Ed Sheeran song for the 800th time in three days, when all of a sudden, a horrible snapping, clanking, clunking noise emanates from a hidden dimension you didn’t even know existed in your car. Then the inevitable happens; the speed slowly drops till it hits zero and you come to a stop right in the middle of the freeway. What a nightmare!

One of the most irritating problems a driver can face especially if it happens as you are driving and you are forced to call a tow truck. Not only can it mess with your plans for the day, but a breakdown can also force you to undergo unnecessary expenses in towing fees and repair costs unless you use AAA or West Tow Inc for roadside assistance. To help you avoid that, the following are some tips on how to exercise road safety to avoid needing a tow:

1. Keep the engine oil topped up at all times

Engine oil is absolutely essential for keeping your vehicle working properly especially in Southern California.  It stops friction and heat from building up in your engine. It also allows all the moving parts to work properly. Whenever the engine light comes on, pull over as fast as possible and check under your car. If you see any greasy liquid dripping down, most likely oil is leaking. Don’t carry on driving because the vehicle will break down. If there are no signs of leakage, go to the closest garage and buy some engine oil for your car.

2. Never Miss a Service to Avoid Breakdown In Southern California

If a person keeps missing a scheduled service, they are putting your car in jeopardy. You may feel like burying your face in your hands after your mechanic tells you that the brake pads need replacement. At the end of the day, the mechanistic are the experts and it’s important to listen to what they have to say. To ensure you get a good price on servicing, compare quotes from different garaged close to you. ALWAYS use AAA certified Mechanics! 

3. Drive safely to avoid a breakdown in Southern California

Your driving habits have a huge impact on the health of the car, and yes we realize most of us that live in Southern  California and sometimes its other people driving that makes this more difficult.

A lot of times a breakdown is a result of carelessness on the part of the driver. For instance:

  • Never rev your engine in cold weather since it creates rapid temperature changes in your engine which can damage components.
  • Avoid hard starts and hard stops because your rotors and brake pads will wear down quicker. Instead, always apply brakes smoothly when slowing down or stopping.
  • Avoid riding the clutch as it will wear down your bearings which are vital for keeping the clutch functional.
  • Avoid applying your brakes when driving downhill. This is called ragging’ and it may cause heat buildup and significant strain on your braking system.

4. Get rid of any unnecessary weight in the car for better Gas mileage.

To avoid a breakdown in Southern California, it is important to get rid of unnecessary weight.  If the car is stacked with books, shoes, spare parts, and random passengers, it will be carrying too much weight which may impact your car negatively. Every time you make a turn, brake or accelerate, your car is being forced to work even harder.

Your brakes and suspension are under immense pressure while the car’s fuel economy will reduce significantly if a person uses these tips. Clean the vehicle and remove anything that’s adding unnecessary weight.

5. Never ignore strange noises, warning lights, or change in how the vehicle feels when driving, this could be an early sign of breakdown

Your car will give you clear signs long before it breakdowns in Southern California. Whether it is due to lack of money, carelessness or false hope that it isn’t a big problem.  Many of people ignore clear warning signs until it’s too late. However, ignoring a problem will never make it go away. The longer you ignore a problem with your car, the worse it gets and as a result, it becomes a lot more expensive to repair.

As soon as you notice a difference in the way your car drives or get a feeling that something is wrong, take it to the garage immediately.

Even after being cautious and following all the tips above, you may still find yourself in need of a tow from a reliable towing company. If so, get in touch with West Tow Inc., the most reliable towing company in Menifee, CA.