Labor Day 2019 Southern California

Labor Day Holiday Weekend September 2nd, 2019

Labor Day Monday this year, falls on September 2nd, 2019!  West Tow of the Inland Empire along with our roadside services partners, Geico Insurance and AAA, (American Automobile Association), would like to just wish you a great and safe holiday weekend!  Traditionally and dependably, unlike other holidays, Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September every year and was officially made a part of our traditional U.S. holidays way back in 1894.  It is to acknowledge and to celebrate the contributions and sacrifices of America’s workers, to both the economy and to the good of our society as a whole.  Many businesses, government offices, schools, and banks are closed, but as it is a traditional shopping day, some of the larger retail stores will be open and offering end of summer deals and special offers.  For hours, we would recommend just giving your store a call directly or going to their respective websites. As a reminder, if you have roadside services, with our affiliated partners be sure to contact them.  If you have any concerns about your membership or policy status and also check out our services on our website for the ways we can help, such as to request roadside assistance, get contact information or just ask us questions and for advice on travel conditions,  we are here and happy to help you!

Labor Day Celebration's

Labor Day weekend is a dedicated holiday, for well-earned rest for many, to enjoy time to just turn off the Monday alarm clock and get some extra relaxation in, or a chance to visit and spend time with friends and family at picnics, barbecues or a day at parks or pools. For some that are willing to drive a little, we have some wonderful beaches in Southern California, where temperatures are cooler and who doesn’t love the ocean breezes and just how good food tastes for some reason when at the coast.  And if you are not intimidated by and enjoy crowds, there are a few planned festivities going on, including fireworks displays at the major theme parks, (you might even get a fair view of the fireworks outside the parks, if you can find a safe place to park with an open view of the sky) and August 30th – September 22nd, it is the annual event everyone talks about, The LA County Fair.  You can check out all it has to offer before you go at their website  Monday, September 2nd, this year, is traditionally the last day to celebrate summer and the upcoming fall season is not too far away now and which officially starts on the first day of fall on September 23rd, 2019 and will also be on a Monday this year – YaY!

Don’t forget to take snacks and liquids with you, if traveling any distances by vehicle, along with sunscreen protectors such as hats and lotions if you are planning on being out in the sun for any length of time, along with a long-sleeved cover-up – some people even use umbrellas to protect themselves, but please remember if using one, to be aware of those around you and not accidentally poke anyone in the eye, or obstruct their view if watching some type of festivities.

Safety this Labor Day | West Tow

We hope you had a safe and enjoyable summer and that you get to enjoy the upcoming 3 day weekend with some well deserved time to kick back and relax.  As a friendly reminder, not only should you keep yourself and your loved ones well hydrated and protected from UV rays, your vehicle might need a little TLC too. With all the additional traffic congestion, elevated pollutants due to higher temperatures and road miles, it might also be a good time to check and see how your vehicle is fairing from the extreme summer temperatures, to see if any minor or major maintenance needs to be scheduled.  We know at West Tow, that hot temperatures not only cause additional stress and wear on your engine with heat causing a breakdown of engine fluids, such as the oils and water, is it time to change oil and or air filter and also tires can be affected from severe road conditions, such as potholes and cracks that may have put additional wear on your tires and even changed air inflation levels, heat can cause expansion to be sure that your tires are at correct levels per manufacturers recommendations – extreme temperatures can and do cause unexpected break downs, so be prepared as best you can, by visual checks of your vehicle before driving it.  And so you know, if you ever find that you are in need of our services, we at West Tow and our affiliated partners, Geico Insurance and AAA Road Side Assistance services are here for you!